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LCI Law joined by Marie Delli

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LCI Law are delighted to announce that Marie Delli has joined the firm as a partner in their Real Estate department.

Marie has 20 years of experience in real estate, property law and urban planning, and deals with all kinds of real estate matters (private, commercial, hospitality, logistics and touristic) in numerous regions of Greece. She has supported large multinational companies, as well as individuals, in the sale, purchase, renting and use of real estate.

Marie’s practice is buttressed by her vast experience in preparing and dealing with all kinds of property contracts and by her deep understanding of the real estate industry. She represents key stakeholders and market players, providing legal support in relation to spatial and urban planning, as well as in relation to the obtaining of the requisite environmental and other permission for the implementation of their property investments. She leads and manages projects relating to real estate property, mergers and acquisitions, energy, judicial and extra-judicial legal proceedings, public auctions and registration of securities such as mortgages and mortgage pre-notations. She also advises on the preferences of creditors in public auctions as well as on the legal framework applying to real estate properties and the factors affecting their market value.

Marie also led the legal team which provided support to the Greek Ministry of Finance for the preparation and implementation of the Restructuring Directive in Greece.

By: LCI Law
Date Posted: September 20, 2023
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